It's a question that has plagued man throughout the ages: How much would you pay for the excrement of a richer, more famous man? It has confounded philosophers and economists alike. Now, perhaps the question is answered, in the visage of one Mike Tyson.

An "auction house" called Celebrity Skin And Bodily Fluids is selling Mike Tyson's poop. (It's not just his, actually; you can buy Mick Foley's and a few others' too.) They advise being careful with the final product.

For fecal and urine specimens, you will receive 2.0-3.0 cubic centimeters of specimen packaged in a hermetically-sealed transparent plastic cylinder (about the size of a film canister). The contents will be clearly visible through the cylinder. We do not recommend opening the cylinder after purchase, and we cannot be held liable for any injuries you sustain from engaging in this highly risky behavior.


Currently, a vial of Tyson's dung is going for $31. Nice work, if you can get it.

You Can Own A Piece Of Mike Tyson's Poop [100 Percent Injury Rate]