The Internet, we must confess, has mostly ruined the time-tested ritual of in-person fantasy football drafts. The Cheeto-stained cheat sheets, the endless (and mostly lame) trash-talking and the guy wearing the Jake Plummer jersey (ahem) ... all that's pretty much behind us. We have friends from all over the country, and it's too much effort to get everyone together when Yahoo's live draft is easy, efficient and timed. But there are those still hanging on, and even learning to provide their own special entertainment.

Witness this very special Craig's List advertisement in Louisville.

10-20 professional men, ages 24-30, looking for a couple young ladies to serve and entertain us during our FFL Draft party (non-pro's please). Your boundaries will be respected and any ground rules you require will be set before the party starts. $100-$200 an hour each, plus tips for the 3-4 hour event. (pay will depend on attire and is negotiable) If you would like to offer any other services, you will be compensated accordingly. Attire is negotiable, and you are not required to be nude at any time. Please send your age, stats, picture and tell me what type of attire you are willing to work in and anything else you'd be willing to discuss. The party will begin around 6p and go until 10p Tuesday September 4, 2007.

"Pay will depend on attire." So, the helmet and shoulder pads are out?

Waitress/Bartender For FFL Draft Party [Craig's List]