If you think that Eagles fans are annoyed at Andy Reid's sons, consider my position as a diehard Green Hornet supporter. Britt Reid, of course, is Andy Reid's drug-enjoying, car-wrecking son ... but that's also the name of the Green Hornet's alter ego, newspaper publisher Britt Reid. Imagine my chagrin: One Britt Reid on the side of truth and justice, the other who uses his quasi-celebrity powers for evil. But 2007 Britt Reid has not only sullied the name of the Green Hornet; the famous family tree goes back even farther than that.

As has been chronicled in their early radio broadcasts, respective television shows and by other sources, Britt Reid (the Green Hornet) is the grand nephew of John Reid, who was the Lone Ranger. And there have been, in fact, a bunch of different Reids who have donned the Green Hornet mask ... making this latest Britt Reid a real family screwup indeed. I've put together a handy timeline so that you can keep it all straight.


• Sept. 14, 1850: John Reid is born.

• July 7, 1860: John Reid saves Tonto's life from a band of outlaw raiders. The same raiders go on to kill Reid's parents and burn their ranch.

• August 3, 1872: Dan Reid Jr., son of John's brother, is born.

• New Year's Day, 1874: Captain Dan Reid and his Ranger troop, accompanied by John, pursue the Cavendish gang. Unfortunately, they are led into an ambush at the bottom of Bryant's Gap where they are all gunned down.


• January 2, 1874: Tonto finds the rangers and nurses John, the only survivor, back to health, and tells him "...others dead, you lone ranger now."

• April 10, 1899: Dan Reid, Jr. inherits a silver mine from John and moves to Detroit, where he founds the Daily Sentinel newspaper.

• April 27, 1906: Britt Reid, son of Dan Reid, Jr., and great nephew of the Lone Ranger, is born.


• March 19, 1958: Andy Reid is born in Los Angeles.

• 1966: Britt Reid's nephew, Britt Reid II, becomes the second Green Hornet and Ikano Kato's son Hayashi becomes the new Kato.


• 1984: Garrett Reid (Andy Reid's first son) is born.

• 1986: Alan Reid, nephew of Britt Reid II, becomes the third Green Hornet and Hayashi Kato returns to work as his partner. Alan is killed on his first mission and Kato blames himself.

• 1986: Britt Reid (Andy Reid's second son) is born.

• 1989: Britt Reid, the first Green Hornet, is killed. Paul Reid, brother of Alan, becomes the fourth Green Hornet. Mishi Kato, half-sister of Hayashi and daughter of Ikano, becomes the new Kato.


• Jan, 11, 1999: Andy Reid is named head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh, if only 2007 Britt Reid had taken the Lone Ranger Deputy Pledge when he was a youngster. Michael Vick too, for that matter.

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