We were talking to resident Deadspin Phillyologist AJ Daulerio a couple of years ago how we feared the new stadiums in Philadelphia, with their shiny whirlgigs and fancy doohickies, would wring some of the life and vigor our of the Philly faithful. Would it make them soft and complacent, too happy in the new gigs, afraid to take the tarp off the brand new sofa? Well, this no longer appears to be a problem.

Last night, during the Mets-Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park โ€” the Phillies are going for the four-game series sweep today โ€” there was a good ole fan fight in section 302. Bugs And Cranks has video, though it's not quite as inspiring as that picture might make it look:

Still, it's good to see some Philly bloodlust back, not that it ever went away. And soon ... Eagles! Can't wait.

Phillies Fans + Mets Fans + Beer = FIGHT! [Bugs And Cranks]

(Daulerio's all over it at Phillymag as well.)