Time to check in on the world of minor league baseball with Rick Chandler's Minor Enterprise!

As the minor league baseball season winds down to its final days, leave it to the West Virginia Power to bring the heat one last time. The team has already given us so much this year — Tribute to Indoor Plumbing Night; the World's Tiniest Elvis; Salute to Cheese — but it still has one great gift to bestow.

Get on down to Appalachian Power Park tonight for a spectacular "Tribute to '80s Rap" celebration. You will not be disappointed.

Too young to remember the cultural significance of Too Short, 2 Live Crew or the Sugar Hill Gang? Never done the Wild Thing or the Humpty Dance? It's hard to believe that there is a segment of the population who has never donned a nylon track suit and crossed their arms to the great Run DMC's You Be Illin'. Salt n Pepa. Whodini. Public Enemy. Tonight's game against the Lexington Legend features all of these hip-hop pioneers and more, samples of their body of work lovingly played over the public address system and featured on the scoreboard. For God's sake, they'll probably play DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince! The Fresh Prince! You missed Thursday's World's Fastest Fat Man Race, do not miss this. (Ed. Note: We want some Rob Base. Badly.)

More great promotions after the jump.


Win Justin Blaine's Car. Wednesday, Aug. 29. Lakewood BlueClaws (Class-A South Atlantic League). On Wednesday one lucky fan drove away with Lakewood pitcher Justin Blaine's car; a beige Geo Metro, according to Benjamin Hill. Blaine's summer ride for the past two years, which he dubbed White Lightning, was donated by the pitcher to the BlueClaws to give away that night. "I had a lot of great times in 'White Lightning,'" Blaine said. "I hope one of our great and loyal fans can get half as much out of the car as I did." The car was autographed by the entire BlueClaws team, and of course will soon appear on eBay.

Free Hot Air Balloon Ride Over The Ozarks. Monday, Sept. 3. Springfield Cardinals (Class-AA Texas League). A chance to win a hot air balloon ride over the southern half of Missouri, an extensive portion of north central Arkansas and areas of Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma? You cannot sign me up fast enough.

Best New Franchise. The Leigh Valley Ironpigs (Class-AAA, International League) will open their doors on April 11, 2008. The Philadelphia Phillies affiliate, now operating as the Ottawa Lynx, will play their home games at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pa. And in a minor league first, the Ironpigs will have all of their home games televised. Now, this is how to name a team. I've already ordered the hat.


Bobblehead Of The Moment. Tim Russert Bobblehead Giveaway. Buffalo Bisons (Class-AAA International League). It was Russert Day at Dunn Tire Park as the first 4,000 fans received the likeness of the Meet the Press pundit, who is a native of Buffalo. This happened a while ago, but I enjoy the concept too much to let it go unnoticed. (Head not to scale).

That's it for Minor Enterprise for this season (unless of course Jose Offerman beats an Arby's employee senseless with a bat). Thanks for playing!