As we've mentioned before, we find the whole "hey, ladies, you can like sports TOO!" thing to be rather silly. It seems like pandering, and they always have this subtext of, "So now you can understand what you're husband's talking about, and therefore leave him alone!" But that said, we are amused by what the Baltimore Ravens are doing.

They introduce "Purple: Just For Women." It's not a deodorant, or a fragrance, or even a hygiene product. It's just a club. But an awesome one.

There is also an exclusive, $250-a-year club for the 200 most diehard of female fans. "Purple" has the gentle soothing overtones of a feminine beauty product; the "Lavender Ladies" conjure up a roller derby squad. But it's strictly a class group, and so in addition to private autograph sessions and a special day at training camp, the Ladies will receive gifts like wine glasses and high-end handbags.

Frankly, we're not so sure there's such a thing as a high-end handbag with the Baltimore Ravens logo on it. But we're not an expert. Really.