You thought that whole Bloomin' Onion sauce on the shorts was the most disturbing image you'd ever have of Bill Simmons? You know NOTHING.

SLAM Online was at the motion capture photo shoot for NBA Live '08 ... and guess who put on the spandex.

After lunch, everyone moved over to EA's motion capture facility (where they've got an autographed Chris Kaman sneaker on display) and the players—and Bill Simmons, who apparently will be in the game—all squeezed their way into their spandex suits and got ready to have their movements put into the game.

Yes, Simmons is going to be in the game, and that spandex photo is going to surface. So, you know, get yourself straight with God.


Live With Marion, Pierce, Foye, Frye, West And Arenas [SLAM Online]

(Standard disclaimer, which is now becoming rote: We like Simmons' column and are not out to get him. That's just the rest of ESPN!)

Oh, and With Leather has an outstanding visual take on this.)