Jon Gruden, the diminutive yet effusive head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, told everyone listening exactly what he thinks of the ESPN report linking Bruce Gradkowski to a point shaving investigation. In the midst of defending his quarterback against alleged...allegations(?) Gruden took dead aim at the credibility of the four letter's investigative journalism.

"I don't watch ESPN. I don't believe half the [expletive] people on the channel, personally - no disrespect. But if Bruce Gradkowski is throwing games in Toledo, how in the hell does he lead the NCAA in passing percentages? That is a crock. You know, these reports make me sick - really. I don't believe [there is] any truth to it, and I'll go to my grave believing that. I hope ESPN 3 or 4 has real sources behind this story, because it has nothing to do with the kid. He's a great kid. He wants to be great. This is very uncharacteristic, in my opinion, of 'professional' journalism."

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