What you missed while taking your new girlfriend to your mother's birthday party...
• CFB: LSU doesn't seem to care that Virginia Tech's football team is trying to overcome a campus tragedy. The Tigers romped as predicted (yeah I lost the Parlay o' the Week but I picked up the spare when I subbed in UCLA after the Cal debacle).
• MLB: If Jesus Christ came back as a baseball player he wouldn't have shit on Alex Rodriguez. The Yankees beat the Royals 11-5 behind another multi-homer game from A-Rod (50,51). It's pretty much the Yankees and the Tigers in the wildcard race from here on out.
• Tennis: Novak Djokovic is a fucking pimp. The 20 year-old has been on a tear and now he's on to the U.S. Open final where he'll have the chance to beat Roger Federer for the second time in the past couple of months.

I'm off to watch the Redskins at FedEx, enjoy Week 1 of the NFL season with my KSK comrades.