We're five long months away from the Super Bowl, and a lot can happen each week to change the complexion of the league. Still, it's worth trying to pick your Super Bowl teams now, because if your picks do turn out to be correct, you can be that one fuckface that runs around bragging about how you predicted it. No one in the media misses a chance to do this, so we figured we should probably give it a shot as well.

Drew: Pittsburgh over Dallas

Punter: New Orleans over New England

Ufford: New England over New Orleans

UM: Washington over San Diego (shameless fucking homer)

flubby: New England over Philadelphia

Ape: Seattle over Baltimore

Leitch: New England over Chicago

Jeffri Chadiha (ESPN): Baltimore over Chicago

Sports Illustrated New Orleans over San Diego

Christ, are we a gutless bunch. Frankly, I picked New England to win it all as well, then switched to Pittsburgh just to make this thing look a little less uniform. Yours in the comments.