Since all of us PC folk are now watching these games via streaming video, these updates are just for you Mac people. But, hey, Jeff Goldblum still thinks, uh, that you're, ah, a great guy-ee!

/end sorry Jeff Goldblum impersonation

New England 14, New York Jets 7,

If Wes Welker conceives Brady's next child in 9 months, I won't be surprised.

Pittsburgh 17, Cleveland 0.

You know you suck when Santonio Holmes is making plays on you.

Tennessee 10, Jacksonville 6.

Kerry Collins actually go in the game to launch a bomb at the end of the second quarter. JAX had six yards rushing in the first half.

Buffalo 7, Denver 6.

Roscoe Parrish ran 74 yards on a punt return for a TD. He still didn't catch those dang Duke boys.Philadelphia 10, Green Bay 10.


Houston 10, Kansas City 0.

Carolina 7, St. Louis 7.