Last year, on August 14, 2006, we admitted that if this annoying team actually won the World Series, we'd feel they didn't deserve it. We have changed our viewpoint on that. (Obviously.) But we were off by a year and a month: This Cardinals team stinks. We'd almost rather watch the Buzzsaw.

Since that whole Rick Ankiel business, the Cardinals are 0-4, Ankiel is 1-for-14 and all appears lost. They have four games with the Cubs this weekend that seem destined to end in a Cubs sweep — unless they can talk Ankiel into pitching! — and then we'll be able to all move on with our lives. Currently there are five teams who have been eliminated from their division races: Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, Florida and the Chicago White Sox. They have found peace. We'll find it pretty soon, we suspect, and only then, as Cardinals fans, will we be able to truly survey the wreckage of this season. But hey: We've got Scott Rolen for three more years.

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