In an age of unprecedented NFL scandals, and player being suspended every which way for conduct detrimental to the league, "satire" blog Pray For Mojo brings up something that's ridiculous, yet just based in truth enough to seem a little scary: Suspensions for Tom Brady and Matt Leinart for having children out of wedlock.

"I've spoken to Tom and Matt and they both understand that their conduct has been unacceptable," Goodell said. "These two are the handsomest quarterbacks this league has and we can't have them out there planting their seed all over town. Our female fan base wants to think they have a chance with these two hunks and running around having illegitimate children with hot chicks is not helping foster those illusions."

We can't imagine how long Travis Henry would be suspended for.

Brady, Leinart Suspended For Having Babies Out of Wedlock [Pray For Mojo]