We have stayed up many late nights, hoping, praying, that somehow, Giants defensive lineman Tooth McTootherson and his wife /ex-wife / wife Jean Strahan could figure out a way to solve their marriage. It's like you just can't have faith in the institution anymore! As if accusations of gay sex with prominent African American advice counselors breaks up a marriage or something. Sheesh.

Anyway, if you're eager to pick through the carnage of a union blasted apart, you can head to Millea Brothers Catalog and pick through the Strahan's discarded detritus room by room. How about a $1,800 table in the kitchen? A $5,000 bed in the nursery. Speaking of beds, you can have the Strahan's candleabras for $600.

All of these items, by the way, scream NFL FOOTBALL PLAYER. Yipes. We'd be tempted by the handsome black man too.

Strahan Auction [Millea Brothers Catalog]

(Photo via Bossip)