What is it about the Pittsburgh Steelers that women find so attractive? Is it The Dreamboat that is Ben Roethlisberger? The prospect of folding and laundering extra towels? The memory of this? The answers are shrouded in mystery. But the fact is that they just do: According to a recent marketing survey, Pittsburgh has, by far, the largest female fan base in the NFL.

Pittsburgh is the runaway leader, with 34 percent of the women living in the Steelers' market identifying themselves as fans. Green Bay was second with 29.4 percent, but no other market surveyed had even one-quarter of its women identify themselves as fans. Buffalo was third with 23.7 percent, followed by Cincinnati (22.8 percent), Kansas City (22.4 percent), Jacksonville (21.7 percent), Baltimore and Boston (21.5 percent) and Denver, Tampa-St. Petersburg and Washington, D.C. (20.9 percent).

Now, I have yet to see a survey that would determine the NFL team with the most attractive female fans, but a wild guess would be the Chargers. Last place? Um, the Titans? Missing teeth are a turnoff. At any rate, I'm sure that either Kige Ramsey or Berman are working on the data as we speak.

Steelers, Packers Have The Most Female Fans [MSNBC]