We were awfully relieved to wake up this morning โ€” the worst part about doing the site on the West Coast is that we still have to get out of bed as if we were still on the East Coast; our wakeup call was 4:30 this morning โ€” and pick up our Seattle Times. We love local papers; they're awfully excited about this Ohio State-Washington game this weekend. And we found some great news: Everybody's favorite hallucinogenic mushroom user is gonna be back in uniform this year.

Gonzaga's Josh Heytvelt has completed his community service โ€” which mostly consisted of slaying dragons and realize that the people in this room are the only motherfuckers who understand what's going ON โ€” and looks on track to return to the team this season, though his suspension has not yet officially been lifted. The news could be worse for the Pacers' Shawne Williams, who was busted Tuesday for having a huge joint burning in his car. Since when is it a crime to smoke a little weed while driving? What is ithis, China? That's a crime.


(Oh. Well. We're told it is, in fact, a crime. The more you know!)

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