Via Hashmarks, here's a story of the High Holidays that comes at the worst time for Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Basically, at Rosh Hashanah services yesterday, the rabbi at Kraft's temple went into a long soliloquy about "living your life as if you're videotaped."

[The rabbi's] main trope was that people should act as as though God is always watching them. Not a bad lesson, except that in making her point she must have made an endless number of references to acting like you're being videotaped. This was awkward. Somewhere in the middle of the sermon, she somehow managed to stumble onto a story about Cal Ripken, Jr. and what a positive role model he is (why she referenced Cal Ripken of all people, I have no idea-this sermon was all over the place). Her basic point was that Ripken always knew he was being recorded on the field, so he behaved accordingly. This was especially significant, she said, in this modern age where "sports scandal" is so prevalent.

This was really awkward. The guy sitting next to my dad leaned over and whispered, "Does she even know Bob Kraft goes to this Temple?" and a hefty portion of the congregation craned their necks over to Kraft's pew toward the front.

You know, if Kraft would have scouted correctly, he would have been prepared for the speech and sat in the back, where no one could see him. He really should have had tape on that rabbi.

You Can't Pray For Comedy Like This [Boston Magazine]