It's endlessly amusing each week for ESPN to have Lee Corso screaming about which helmet he'll put on to make his pick as if we're dying to discover the opinions of the senile. — Signal to Noise

I don't know if this will ever get to the HJP or not, but I am guaranteeing a Michigan win today. 34-14. Mark it down. — AsInHowe

With regards to Maryland losing big to West Virginia: Why don't more coaches who can't recruit hire assistants who can, kinda like how Joe Paterno has delegated his recruiting grunt work to his offensive coordinator, Fran Ganter? I don't see why this doesn't happen more often. — puzzlepiece87

Why are they showing 'Gameday' today in front of a green screen running the last 15 minutes of 'Carrie'? — Tuffy

The Iowa/Iowa State game is being shown on Versus. I sure hope they don't cut away in the 4th OT to advertise the Magic Bullet. — Lady Andrea


I don't know if getting up and starting to party/tailgate at 11am for a 7pm Northwestern vs. Duke game awesome or sad. Either way, J.J. Redick still sucks. — mwpuckhead

Tom Izzo, introducing Michigan State's starters with the intensity and passion of someone pulled from their office on a Thursday Night and forced to read off cue cards. — liquidwisdom33


Pam Ward's mustache is getting in the way of pronouncing "chippewa." - Carlton Weathers

Corso and Herbstreit are taking Ohio St. after spending the whole hour ripping on the Big Ten.... — colbypkp678

Wait, Pam Ward is white? With that voice I've been calling her the Barry White of broadcasting all these years. — Jason, Auburn IN