My roommate just walked in to see Pam Ward on TV and asked how such a weird looking "guy" could get a job on TV. I didn't bother to correct him because there was no need. โ€” sooner518

Pam Ward's red helmet matches those of Central Michigan's. Coincidence? โ€” tbsbmx830

You may laugh, but I think right now Pam Ward is the most attractive woman on the Purdue campus right now. (And Pam, it's called the Boilermaker Special, not the Purdue trolley.) โ€” Victoria Times

If Notre Dame beats Michigan and no one cares did it really happen? โ€” scottyyb83

Indiana is getting their ass kicked by Akron QB Carlton Jackson. No word on his high school career at Bel-Air Prep. โ€” smithcp22


How wrong is it that when I see Wisconsin only up seven on The Citadel and Buffalo/Penn State tied in the second quarter that I start wondering how an entire conference could commit suicide? I didn't realize I had such an animus toward the Big Televen and I'm somewhat frightened by the way in which is this messing with my judgment. That stupid Michigan game has so distorted my sense of reality that I'm mumbling "yeah, Buffalo could win" to an empty room. Lloyd Carr has driven me insane and I'm not even a Michigan grad. โ€” filliane

Punters: odd breed. Either un-athletic, stabby (in the case of Northern Colorado), or like Pitt's punter, a mixed martial artist. I'm not sure Dave Brytus will be taking the octagon by storm. โ€” Signal to Noise

I'm not sure which is the proper designation for UNC football: The Nadir of Excellence, or the Zenith of Crapulence. Either way, they suck. โ€” Slothrop


Nice "video wall" in the ESPN studios. NASA have a 1960's era garage sale? โ€” RyanJHaage

No truth to the rumor that OJ Simpson went to Champaign, IL to steal back his "Juice" nickname. โ€” Michael

Auburn down 13-0 at home to Mississippi State in the middle of the second quarter... Tuberville might want to work on his resume at halftime. โ€” Grimey


Great to see the shine wearing off Fat Charlie at ND... the QB that started to open the season has transferred to Northern Illinios! Hey Charlie... what did the 5 fingers say to the face? โ€” wavesgoalie

It's possible that Lou's pep talk is the greatest thing ESPN has ever done. Part of this is cause I'm a huge ND homer, but its also because how can you not find this shit to be hilarious. It's true, USC is easier to spell than UCLA, oh Lou. Fuck Michigan. โ€” ndeddiemac

Someone needs to show Congress some tape of Lou Holtz's faux-halftime speech. Never again would the need for stem cell research be in doubt. โ€” J in Oregon


Hey, did you know both Michigan AND Notre Dame are 0-2?! And hey, why didn't anyone tell me Muhammad Ali was a cameraman on Versus? โ€” liquidwisdom33

During the Michigan State/Pittsburgh game, there was a commercial for NHL2K8, featuring Jason Spezza of the Ottawa Senators. There must've been some angry people back in Bristol when that ad got past the network's anti-hockey filter! They might try to make up for that one with fifteen uninterrupted minutes of Lou Holtz talking during a halftime show. โ€” AsInHowe

It's official, Michigan is in panic mode. The new pregame mixtape is emo-heavy. โ€” Yostal


(By the way, you guys are absolutely killing it. Keep the goods coming. AIM: NCAA Deadspin)