Like most people, we took a certain satisfaction in watching O.J. Simpson taken away in handcuffs yesterday after being arrested for armed robbery , assault, burglary and conspiracy. We never even had the satisfaction of seeing him carted off when he was arrested the first time, before we knew he was guilty (or before, say, he wrote a book about it), so this one had a nice kick to it. It was like watching the bully who terrorized you in high school and gotten away with it get his comeuppance, if that bully had sliced two people to death.

We weren't sure how tightly these charges were going to stick ... until we heard that TMZ audio this morning, which is pretty amazing. We also wonder if the Las Vegas police are getting the same sense of satisfaction that we are; we also are stunned that Simpson, facing serious charges, delivers a "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" line like he gave the Los Angeles Times. We really shouldn't be surprised O.J. is in trouble again. As we showed you in his pay-per-view video a while back, he's been reckless and flippant for years — certainly not a man who has been humbled. These charges might not hold, but it speaks strongly to how despised this man is, to this day, that we revel in seeing him taken away, justice served, if just for a few hours.

We have a feeling, by the way, that the African American community will be less united in OJ's defense this time. Just a hunch.

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