The pregame festivities might have been more exciting than the actual game, but, nevertheless, we're gonna do our best to keep our distance from Eagles fans for the next couple of days.

Losing to the Redskins at home on national television is bad enough, particularly when it kicks off an 0-2 start and you're two games behind both those 'Skins and the Cowboys. But it's even worse when the offense looks like it has no idea what it's doing. Hell, Donovan McNabb looks like a white quarterback all of a sudden.

It's a morning of revelation for Eagles fans.

3) All of those other Eagle Fans are knee-jerk bedwetting lunatics — but if they lose to the Lions they'll be 0-3 and Everyone Involved Will Have To Die

2) This would have never happen if Jeremiah Trotter, Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor and Andre Waters were still on the team

1) Anyone who isn't an Eagles Fan that talks badly about our team needs to have their ass kicked.

Oh yeah: The 2-0 Lions come into the Linc next week. This might not end well.

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