As we learned from "ESPN Hollywood," the line between the entertainment industry and the sports industry is a blurry one. But one delineation is clear: Hollywood is a lot cooler with the gays.

An upcoming movie called Breakfast With Scot tells the story of a gay former hockey player — played by "Ed"'s Tom Cavanagh, which means you know it's good — who comes to terms with being publicly outed. The now-broadcaster works for the Toronto Maple Leafs, which allowed the use of their logo in the film. That angered a bunch of idiots.

A couple of right-wing U.S. groups have already contacted the Leafs with their protests - and some conservative bloggers have posted offensive comments on message boards. Director Laurie Lynd has also received hate mail. He says he's shocked by the spiteful comments aimed at his "sweet film" about tolerance.

Listen, folks: They're making a movie about hockey. Even if you're a close-minded assbag, jeez, let the league have some pub for once.

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