We know we've been having some issues with commenting — and posts appearing, disappearing and reappearing at random, which should be fixed soon. For anyone who's confused, we asked Rob Iracane, the comment ombudsman, to explain matters.

Are you a Deadspin commenter having trouble logging in and posting comments? Are you a wannabe commenter wondering why your comments aren't showing up? Are you some jerk who enjoys clicking on the new FLAG link? Then read ahead, this column is for you!


The Gawker Media IT folks have once again upgraded the backend to our humble sports blog, and by "upgraded the backend," I mean, "messed with our collective psyches." If you're an active commenter having trouble posting comments, try to login on the gray box at the top of the page. You might still have to login every time you re-open your web browser, but that should be fixed soon.

If you've been auditioning to become a commenter over the past few days, hold tight. Your comments are in the hopper, waiting to be either published or flushed down the terlet. The comment approval engine is just getting back on its non-existent feet so you should know very soon if you're funny enough to hang with Camp Tiger Claw, et al.

Also, you may have noticed the new FLAG link that sits next to each comment. Anyone, both commenters and casual readers alike, can click on that link, which will automatically send an email to your friendly combudsman, alerting him to a questionable comment. If you are seriously offended by someone's comment, definitely flag it. But please be cautious when using this feature; if my inbox gets clogged with too many emails notifying me about Anchorman quotes or Nibbles references, I may miss out on Supermike's latest attempt to get banned.