Our favorite thing about this whole O.J. Simpson business is that he seems legitimately unconcerned about any of these charges, despite the fact that he's been in jail for a few days and will be arraigned on six felonies today. He's whistling dumb songs, he's making "what happens in Vegas staying in Vegas" jokes and generally acting like a guy who's untouchable. We suppose this makes sense. If we had fallen out of an airplane sans parachute, and survived, we'd be unlikely to feel obliged to wear our seat belt when driving.

Another odd thing about this: If you tell someone on tape — and apparently there's a tape! Have you heard? — that they "can't leave" or "have to stay," that counts as "kidnapping." Heavens, you should be arresting your boss for kidnapping right now.


But yeah: O.J.'s in jail, everybody. Rejoice. Justice is kind of served, not really, when's football back on again?

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