By now, you've heard all about the University of Florida student who broke up Sen. John Kerry's speech and totally didn't want to get Tasered, bro. Well, here's something you might not know about Mr. Andrew Meyer: He's actually a big sports fan, with his own sports blog. You can probably guess his tastes from his repeated use of "bro."

Yep: Andrew Meyer is a huge Bill Simmons fan, bro. From his post about the 2007 NBA Draft:

Before I get started, I wanted to acknowledge that yes, I read Bill Simmons. He is in fact my favorite sports writer. But let me be clear: I am not stealing his opinions, and I never will. The reason I like him so much is that he thinks much the same way I do. We probably read a lot of the same draft literature, and our opinions will converge at times. Actually, I just read his draft diary for this year, and we wrote down the exact same Stephen A. Smith quote. Coincidence? Unless you think I'm just aping his material, it is. And if you think that, well stop reading now, and who needs you anyway?

We think the Sports Feller would agree: Anyone who "steals" Simmons' "opinions" deserves a good Tasering.

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