The Charlie Weis / Notre Dame pile-on continues, gloriously. Some of it is justified, like criticism of how the school has handled the Demetrius Jones situation. (They're making him pay for school at Northern Illinois this year by not releasing him from his scholarship.) And some of it is really justified.

We found this exclusive look at Weis' playbook the most compelling. Turns out, it looks awfully familiar. Here's the gripping analysis of "25 Left Pitch."

This is 25 Left Pitch. This is where I like to put my high SAT score and astute knowledge of reverse psychology to work. This play is never meant to gain yards. We like to let our opponents think they are making plays in the backfield and beating our offensive line until we lull them into a false sense of security then, BAM we dominate. The BAM dominate part has yet to happen.

Actually, next year's Irish schedule is a little easier. They could approach five, maybe six wins.


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(UPDATE: To clarify, Northern Illinois doesn't actually have a scholarship to offer Jones anyway.)