We, the sports fan, are lost amidst the sea of scandalous sports news. We need someone to guide us ... and not just four times a week either! We need immediate, dashed off, from-the-hip, poorly thought out reactionary prattle on the double. And we need it five times a day. Where, friends, do we look in this time of crisis?

Yes, that's right, folks: Jay Mariotti has a blog. He won't call it a blog, of course; that would require him to admit that he's a vampire. Instead, it's a series of short "Internet Only" columns that are displayed in the "screech" font.

We have a suspicion this wasn't Mariotti's idea; clearly, the Web is too untamed and brutish for a sensitive man of letters like Mariotti to dwell there full time. But yeah, Mariotti fans, this is your chance to bask in the sunlight of the resident genius all day, every day. We're glad to have you, Jay: We don't go to the games either, so you should fit right in.


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