As Jews prepare for their fast come sundown this Friday — it is extremely rude to show up at a Jewish friend's house Friday night and sloppily devour a pizza, so you know — we showcase one of the few pieces of Jewish sports memorabilia you'll find, and certainly the most Judaism-specific.

Yes, folks: You can bid on Sandy Koufax's yarmulke.

My uncle quietly approached Mr. Koufax at a wedding in 1971 after the service and asked for his autograph. Koufax politely declined but my uncle got the next best thing- the yarmulke he was wearing! When Koufax returned his, my uncle snagged it. Not quite in keeping with the Old Testament, but my uncle believes God is a Dodgers fan and would completely understand.

He's kept this yarmulke for years and even considered going to Spring Training just to get Sandy to sign it (how cool would that be?). So after years of being banished to my uncle's sock drawer, he asked us to sell it for him. With that said, we are please to offer (possibly) the only Synagogue-worn Sandy Koufax yarmulke.

Bidding is stuck, oddly, at a dollar, which seems extremely low to us. Oh, and:

Hello? God? Are you there, God? It's us, Deadspin. You're not really a Dodgers fan, are you? We hope not. Though we do imagine you having the voice of Vin Scully.

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