When you think of all the technological wizardry NFL coaches have at their dispersal, we wonder sometimes if the next world-changing innovation will spawn from the mind of a Dorito-peppered slouch coach bunkered in his office at 4 a.m., watching game film and suddenly discovering cold fusion. They certainly put in the hours. Point is: NFL coaches have their finger on the pulse. Well, except for Herman Edwards.

Yes, Herm gleefully admits he knows nothing about them crazy Interwebs.

"Here's the concern — in our society now, so many things come up on Web sites and Internet," Edwards said. "First of all, I don't even have the Internet. I wouldn't even know how to use it."

Finger on the pulse, that guy. We can understand, though, that a man like Edwards might have trouble with the Web, considering his struggles with, you know, clocks. The best way to describe, visually, Edwards' tenure as a football coach might, ultimately, be a blinking "12:00" on a VCR.

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