A few bewildered thoughts after watching Elton John hanging out with the Atlanta Braves on MLB.com.

• Elton John is a huge fan of the Atlanta Braves. Really.

• John Schuerholz doesn't seem to know who Elton John is. And there was no way they were dragging Bobby Cox to this thing.

• Christ, what the hell happened to Mark Lemke?

• MLB.com's video editing capabilities appear to rival those at Six Flags, the ones where you could make your very own music video, complete with "special effects."


• Any baseball player who claims "Bennie And The Jets" is his favorite song probably loses any right to talk about anything else, ever. We'd give good money to see someone use this as their at-bat music, though.

• MLB.com has great ad copywriters: The whole thing is meant to promote Elton's — sorry, Sir Elton's — new DVD, which they call, "the most anticipated Elton John DVD release in recent memory." Well, jeez, if you can't remember any better, shucks, let's get it!

• Other than that, it was great. Totally about baseball, relevant and timely.

Elton John Goes To Bat With The Braves [MLB.com]