Nothing's more fun than college football in the fall. Tailgating, commiserating with friends, cheering on the local team, general camaraderie all around. And, of course, drinking: What's football without a cold brewski or two beforehand. It clears the lungs. Clearly, the folks in Madison understand this, yes? They ... wait, what?

Yes, students with underage drinking citations — or "badges of honor," as we called them in Champaign — will have to take a Breathalyzer test just to enter the stadium before their game Saturday. And they have to blow .000.

That's right, no alcohol in the system whatsoever. So, even if you're feeling sick and take a quick shot of Nyquil, chances are you'll be quarantined from Camp Randall.

Frankly, we think we still have alcohol in our system from the Illinois-Penn State game in 1995. Should be quite the party up there.


Wisconsin Students To Take Breathalyzer Test Before Football Game [Sports By Brooks]

(UPDATE: This story clarifies this a bit.)