Tomorrow, friends, is a great day for a great American; it's Tommy Lasorda's 80th birthday. We revel in the memories.

OK, we just revel in one: The swirly move! In honor of Tommy's big day, we remind you of the famous madam's book excerpt:

Sasha/Gibson: "She's a sweetie. Her name is Nanna. She's Swedish, about 5'6'', nice perky 34b, slim and terrific company. Perhaps you can tell me what you're looking for? Anything in particular I should know?"

Lasorda: "Actually, Sash, I'd like to have some porn for me to watch while she sucks my (expletive). I'm into watching two gals together in a movie. Can she have that there?"

(Edit: Nanna reports to Sasha/Gibson after Lasorda encounter)
Nanna: "He was super easy and a really nice guy. You were right on all counts, Sasha. First he requested I pop in my girl, girl porn movie. ... He just loved watching all that! I noticed though that he wasn't the aggressive type. ... Here I had this real hot porn movie on. He enjoyed watching the girl, girl bisexual sex scenes best. He started to take his (expletive - penis) out and (expletive - masturbate). Then when I saw he was good and hard I started to suck his (expletive - penis). He really liked that! Then I used your 'swirly' move and relaxed my throat muscles so I could take him deep into my throat.

Feel the magic, people: In 30 years, we're gonna get September 22 off work.

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