Wait, the University of South Florida is located in Tampa? Was Miss South Carolina's great-great-grandfather the original founder of the school? — Kyle, Maine

Desmond Howard talking about Miami - Texas A&M game: "I haven't seen a beatdown like that since I left the hood." — beisbolct


Seeing all this promotion for that movie with Dane Cook reminded me how he is like Notre Dame: Both are talked about as quite prestigious, but ultimately are just loud noise and gesturing. — AsInHowe

Is there a reason Gameday is in Alabama and Desmond Howard is sitting in the back of the bus? — I Heart Poop

Being in Tuscaloosa, I'm stunned no one in the Gameday crowd burned at the stake the clever guy who snuck in a "$uck it $aban" sign on camera. — Deep South Deapsinner


If I have to see that game-winning catch from last week one more time, I'm walking to Tuscaloosa and ripping off Corso's merkin myself. — The Hog Blogger

Something we all appreciate waking up to first thing in the morning: the old Georgia state flag made up mostly of the Confederate flag waving behind the Gameday crew. You stay classy. — Signal to Noise

Skeets, you can throw out the record. Sure, ND hasn't scored a TD yet, sure MSU leads the country in sacks and our Oline is a fucking sieve, but you know what, i dont give a shit, they are still Michigan State and we are still Notre Dame and damnit we are gonna win today (that or i may go postal). Go Irish! —ndeddiemac

I'm considering filing a lawsuit against Comcast and the Big Ten Network for assaulting my liver. Instead of being able to watch the Northwestern game today lying on my couch nursing a bottle of water while my head throbs, I have to go to a bar which makes it un-American to not drink more. On second thought, it may not be a bad thing... It may help me forget or be less aware that I'm a Northwestern fan. — mwpuckhead

On further notice apparently our game's on ABC... which makes me an idiot. Nothing left to do now but drink some more to forget I'm still an NU fan. — mwpuckhead

I'm sure glad that we got to watch how Russel Crowe has helped Michigan get fired up for games. It sure has paid off this year.... Wait, it hasn't? — colbypkp678


Did Herby just say that Mallet, the Michigan back up QB, is going to be on his back and confused? Did Herby just have a Freudian slip? — The Man with No Name

No less than three signs using the word "Bubba" at Gameday. Proud day for the South. — AA, State College

Oh, my God. Corso is Ganesha?! — Shiny

I'm surprised Corso didn't put a merkin above the elephant trunk. — Matt_T

I don't care what all the "experts" say, Frankenberry is the best breakfast cereal out there. — goathair


After Lee Corso made his Alabama pick with a combination of singing, chanting, and this - "I'll get it... it's so big! Get it! Get it! I finally got it! It's the biggest one! Boom! Boom!" - I assume Corso's capacity for shame can only be measured by NASA instruments. — Tuffy

In anticipation of seeing Michigan play later, I hope that when they show their "Alumni" commercial, they include Jack Kevorkian and Ted Kaczynski. — lsdrago

Erin Andrews and a barbecued pig head. There's no joke here, I'm just saying. — Holly


Great, Pam Ward talking about eating ribs. Well, at least I know what to think about if I need to kill a boner. — Chad Sexington

It's officially 7 hours until kickoff. Wisconsin students have to cut themselves off if they want in the game tonight. — himagain