Tim Tebow was born on a Philippine ranch, his mother was the thunder, his dad an avalanche. — tylerisgod316

The Ole Miss-Florida game has players named Tartt, CORNelius, and Tebow (which I swear I keep hearing as T-Bone). This is gonna be a long Yom Kippur. — David


Worst part about being on the west coast: when UNC fucks your 8 team parlay before noon. — bro222

From time to time I like to think of the fact that every decision I've made in my time on Earth so far has led me to the exact place and time I'm at right now, and right now, I'm streaming Worcester radio listening to my school losing 31-0 to Holy Cross in the first half. IT'S DIVISION I-AA FOOTBALL! — SweetnSourLouPiniella

Sufficiently jacked on adderall, LSAT in just under a week, study materials open in front of me ... yet I can't stop watching these crappy games. — lsdrago


Ole Miss is moving it up and down the field on the Gators...did they sleep in a la the Sex Cannon? — mythman12

Benjarvis Green-Ellis: Most unnecessary name in college football. — I Heart Poop

Walking around Columbus today wearing nothing but purple has been far safer than I could have possibly imagined, a few weird looks and nothing more. I think Buckeye fans are just confused. — Technicolor Jan Stenerud

I've now seen livestock feed and fertilizer/crop-enhancement commercials leading off the last two breaks of the BTN's broadcast of Illinois/Indiana game. The target audience for this game: farmers. Well, there's a shocker. — theavignonpapacy

Good to see that always progressive ESPN shows Matt Grothe's rushing stats and a picture of a black guy. — joshdacane

Something tells me Brian Brohm would rather be wearing a headset on an NFL sideline right now. Also, my girlfriend keeps coming in between hangover throw-ups to bitch about how she doesn't want to watch football and how "Freaky Friday" would make her feel much better. Fuck. Me. — theconman2k


Do you think that UNC's basketball and football teams are even friends? I wonder if Roy's boys even think that they both are in Division 1. — DBach, Oregon, WI

How pissed is McNabb right now watching a white QB winning a big game on the road for 'Cuse? — Eph the Eagles

Did anyone else hear that Jim Leavitt halftime interview? That guy must gargle with gravel. — iank202


Nice interview with Bob Huggins by Erin Andrews. I think Bob just wanted to go home. I don't think he mentioned that in the interview. — necci1222

Here's an image for all you Deadspinners. Apparently, the booth in Tampa has gotten so hot that Pam Ward has stripped to a tank top. You may now curse me at your leisure. — uncsamurai

Erin Andrews and buffalo wings all at once. I just got.. er ... blue cheese ... all over my screen. — ENK


"Erin Andrews and a barbecued pig head. There's no joke here, I'm just saying. — Holly" What are things that smell good that I want to put parts of in my mouth? — TheGoldfishCowboy

South Florida is in Tampa because of racism, not stupidity. It was founded back when Florida's political power was still concentrated in the panhandle, and the legislature didn't want to give those dirty Latinos in the south a university. Stay classy, state government. — orangeandbluehue.com

Well, I'm going to Ohio stadium wearing all purple. It's been nice knowing you all. My face will match my shirt by the end of the day. — austinbharvey


I'd like to ask Andre Ware about how one would go about hitting an opposing player right in the mustache. Seems like that's trying to tackle too high. Go for the goatee. Lower center of gravity and all. — Signal to Noise

Brian Brohm could have been a millionaire and the Atlanta Falcons starting QB right now. Just sayin'. — NunesMagician

I just caught my first play of Syracuse's season — Rochester doesn't bother showing all their games anymore — and it was a short pass that turned into 60 yard TD. They've been doing this all year right? National title hopes? I immediately changed the channel afterwards so that I can say when I watched them they looked damn good. — 289


My Big Ten Network reception is for shit today, but I'm still getting the point. "Illinois ... pass ... Williams ... interception." "Indiana ... rush ... fumble ... turnover." Oh Big Ten football at its finest. — CalvinBrockMVP

I just got a new HDTV, and something is screwed up in the Syracuse-Louisville game. The guys in orange keep scoring, the scoreboard shows "Syracuse" in the lead, and Bob Wishewizieneizn keeps referring to how well "Syracuse" is playing. Should I call Samsung tech support? — Matt, Arlington, VA

God the announcers on ESPN Classic are terrible. So far they have mangled every single name on BC. Now I know why ESPN Classic got dropped from basic cable. — chilltown


How come Louisville lost to Kentucky and managed to get an 18 rank, when Mich loses a close(r) game to App State and they drop out completely? — lsdrago

Indiana is losing by 20 to a Ron Zook-coached team. The Hoosiers are what we thought they were. This is like being outwitted by a drunk Trev Alberts. — Smitty

From the less than award winning Syracuse University football broadcast ... color guy Chris Gedney (former SU, Chi Bears and Ariz Cardinals TE), after confusing Syracuse DB Nick Chestnutt with country star Kenny Chesney: "It's all relative, especially here in Louisville." — bona1999


Lloyd Carr is 9-3 against Joe Paterno. Too bad Joe coaches one state too far to the east. — AsInHowe

If the Louisville defense was matched up against the Notre Dame offense, I'm pretty sure the resulting suckitude would turn the field into a sinkhole. — Disgruntled Goat

You're not funny. — agenthennis (Ed.: Um, I think this is directed at me.)