News And Notes From Week 4 In The NFL ...

• Up until yesterday, you could almost have made a case for Chargers coach Norv Turner. (If you were trying really, really hard. The losses were to a dominant Patriots team and the surging Packers. But yesterday, Norv Turner lost at home — at home — to the Chiefs ... the Chiefs! Herman Edwards coaches that team! Even those with the anti-Norv sites can't believe this is happening so fast. One thing to enjoy about this, though; it will be the first and last times a stadium of people will ever be chanting Marty Schottenheimer's name.

• We had a grand time at the Bills game yesterday; that's the closest the NFL will ever come to the feel of small-town, mom-and-pop, college-football-esque home field experience. (Note: We've never been to Green Bay.) We even saw the beginning of the Trent Edwards era. Any stadium still quaint enough to play "Shout" every time the home team scores is A-OK with us. One thing, though: Bill Buffalo is a terrifying mascot. Not does he look like devil spawn ... but why he is blue? WHY???

• Aided by Pro Football Prospectus, we thought Tony Romo was going to collapse this year. This is what we get for doubting an Eastern Illinois Panther. And man, the Rams: Marc Bulger isn't quite the Daunte Culpepper fantasy disaster of a few years ago, but boy, has he destroyed some teams.

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• We have a feeling New York sports fans — though we're not sure what the Giants-Mets fan crossover is — would have traded a Giants win for a Mets win yesterday. And it's a good thing Phillies fans are so ecstatic right now, or they might notice how bad the Eagles looked (again) last night.

• Yes, yes, the Buzzsaw. As Steve Breaston celebrates, we cautiously point out that this Buzzsaw team looks like a "real" football team than we can remember. They're not gimmicky, they're not fluky, they're not stumbling around and staying in games because teams aren't used to being in the desert / confused by the maroon uniforms. The Buzzsaw looks tough, and that's the first time we can remember saying that in about 15 years. The next five games look winnable; 3-2 would be enough.