You know how Pizza Hut offered to explain the importance of tipping to Lions wide receiver Roy Williams, a notorious avoider of the practice. Well, today, Roy Williams is doing his part to understand how the other 99 percent lives.

Today ‚ÄĒ right now, actually ‚ÄĒ Williams is out delivering pizzas to the greater metropolitan Detroit area.

From 4-6pm today Mr. Cheapskate will be an honorary delivery driver for the nationwide pizza chain. He'll be operating from a Pizza Hut somewhere in metro Detroit. The exact location of the joint he'll be working from will be released sometime today. Hopefully they'll make him drive a beat up 1984 Honda Civic. Although as cheap as Roy is, that might be his car anyway.

He'll also apparently be making a personal donation to the World Food Program, which includes all the tips he gets. Don't fall for that trick. Send the World Food Program a check on your own time.

We hope they're careful which neighborhoods they send Williams into; as any Detroit pizza delivery boy can tell you, oftentimes not receiving a tip is the least of their worries.


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