In the ninth inning of last night's ALCS Game 7, Fox showed a graphic detailing how Kenny Lofton seems to have some sort of postseason curse. But they only showed a small portion: The truth is far more gruesome.

A reader sends in a horrific rundown of Lofton's postseason resume, just to remind us all. Lofton's teams have blown postseason leads a whopping seven times in 12 years.


• 1995: Lost to Atlanta in six games, final out of series.
• 1996: Lost to Baltimore in ALDS despite being heavily favored and at home.
• 1997: Lost to Florida in NLCS despite being favored and with home
field advantage.
• 1998: Blew 2-1 lead to New York in ALCS.
• 1999: Blew 2-0 lead to Boston in ALDS, Pedro's epic Game 5.
• 2001: Blew 2-1 lead and a lead late in Game 5 to Seattle in ALDS.
• 2002: Blew 3-2 lead, Game 6 lead in World Series to Angels. Final out
of series.
• 2003: Bartman.
• 2004: Blew 3-0 lead to Boston in ALCS.
• 2006: Swept by Mets.
• 2007: Blew 3-1 lead to Boston in ALCS.

Clearly, he needs to get back to the Cubs. (Sorry!)