On Thursday, we casually mentioned that "Mike And Mike In The Morning"'s Mike Golic admitted to taking steroids on his show. (Well, not while doing his show. You know what we mean.) Co-host Mike Greenberg did a "moving right along!" dipsey-do, and no one would have noticed it if hadn't been for those damned bloggers. Jerks.

Well, it turns out ESPN would rather not have that story out; they've a reference to the incident from the show's podcast. Here's how the call went:

I was driving to work listening to Mike & Mike (only because the local guys on another station were at commercial) and caught Jeff's call. It was nothing short of brilliant. He led so convincingly with the question about the topic they were discussing, then turned on a dime from lamb to lion with a "So Golic, did really you do steroids?" It was such a stunner, I expected the cars humming south with me down I-71 to all screech to a halt. It was almost a Borat-like infiltration of the media machine, it was that good.

I do give M&M credit, the awkward pause was relatively short: Golic jumped in with a "yeah I did for two weeks to try to recover from an injury" with Greenie adding a quick "I don't how that relates to the topic" (or something like that — weenie) and picking up the previous discussion as if nothing had happened.

Seriously, Golic: We don't mind if you did steroids. It's really not a big deal. Greenberg's been doing them for years. But seriously now: It happened. We heard it. It's like Oceania over there. Double plus ungood!


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