There's another one of those presidential debates tonight — this one's the Democrats, their 592th — and as that race starts to veer toward the more interesting, MSNBC brings up a fun parallel: The candidates are just like early '90s basketball teams.

Namely, Hillary is Larry Johnson of UNLV, Obama is one of the Duke guys (back when Duke was likable) and John Edwards is Bobby Hurley. (We suspect this makes Kucinich a latter-day Josh Heytvelt.) We're not sure we understand the analogy, but we loved reading about the UNLV Larry Johnson. Man, that guy, when we were that age, seemed like the most unstoppable force on earth; it almost seemed sadistic to force those skinny white boys to bump up against him. Sorry, we'll say it: We miss Jerry Tarkanian. We really do.

Campaign '08 As Early 90s College Hoops [Politico]