What they're saying about Barry Bonds' federal indictment on perjury charges ...

Bonds Indicted. Instant analysis and opinion. Relevant point. Examination of an angle to the story you hadn't thought of yet. Platitudes. Memories. Anecdotal evidence. Unqualified legal analysis. Critique of other opinions. Pithy comment. Rhetorical question? Possible answer. Finger-wagging. Finger-pointing. False bravado and mock outrage. Name calling. Not in my America. The same thing you just read, phrased differently. Something underlined for emphasis. Reference to another famous scandal. Moment of silence for America's innocence. Overblown conclusion. [McCovey Chronicles]


Open Mic. So how are you sleeping tonight with that big head of yours, Barry? Do those records or warehouses full of to-be-sold memorabilia make you feel good this evening? How's breakfast going to taste tomorrow after your child asks you what all these people are talking about? FRAUD! FAKE! LIAR! [SFGate

Hey, Douchebag! Make Way For Douchebag! "Instant Karma's gonna get you. Gonna knock you right in the head." - John Lennon. Sometimes — and believe me, those times are rare — life just happens to work out so perfectly that you can't help but sit back and grin. Like right now. Many baseball fans are dancing in the splendiferous joy of Barry Bonds' indictment by a Grand Jury on Thursday afternoon. What could be better than the long-awaited proof that baseball's home run king* was a knowing cheater? Oh yeah, said home run king* doing time behind bars. [Rumors And Rants]

Barry Bonds Indicted By Grand Jury In BALCO Case. Bonds is due in court on December 7 — a perfect date that will live in infamy. [SportsbyBrooks]


And This Was Slow . My first reaction is that this is a travesty, and has been for years. For someone to be investigated for this long for something so unimportant is a disgrace. The amount of money spent, and the effort and time that has gone into this bald-faced attempt to dishonor and disgrace a fucking baseball player is just terrible. This is an abuse of power, a shameless personal attack of Barry Bonds. [Only Baseball Matters]

Bonds Indicted! I will also note that there was not one word about tax evasion in the news accounts I have read. If that holds, this means that whatever Bonds's ex-mistress, Kimberly Bell, told the Feds about his alleged tax evasion did not prove to be true, because either he did or he didn't. [Obsessive Giants Compulsive]