So it's official, Dennis Dixon tore his ACL ... two weeks ago. So that first quarter touchdown run on Thursday night just went from awesome to unbefuckinglievable.

Dixon convinced the staff to keep the severity of his injury from the public and even his teammates. Doctors were encouraged by the lack of swelling in the knee after discovering the torn ACL in an MRI on Nov. 4, and Dixon was able to practice despite the injury. He was allowed to play last night with the understanding that he would be pulled from the game if he experienced further instability.

That's like the craziest shit I've ever heard. Can this even be real? How can they let a guy play with a torn ACL? Anybody who thinks Dixon would have pulled himself because of "further instability" is delusional. I've never torn up my knee, but I'm pretty sure that the only way to feel this further instability is to tear up what's left of the ligament.

Getting back to the original point, Dennis Dixon truly a Meast of the highest regard. Dare I say, he's Tebow-esque? Maybe they can just share the Heisman. Here's one baby who's throwing his full support behind the felled Oregon quarterback.