How close we were last night to a 0-0 tie on "Monday Night Football." That's one that would have gone down in history; we'd certainly remember a soccer result more than we'd remember a dull, sloppy, soaked morass. All that was missing last night was fog.

Actually, for a 3-0 game, there was some enjoyable moments, not least of which was the return of Ricky Williams, who ran for 15 yards โ€” there were no yardlines, so that number's pretty much a guess โ€” on six carries before getting hurt, of course. (Football is somewhat rougher than yoga, apparently.) The highlight might have been Joey Porter intercepting a pass and then taunting his former Steelers teammates. We think that Joey Porter's career could not wrap up in any more fitting a fashion than on a winless team, with Joey still jumping around and barking.

Sometimes we think football would be more fun if every field were just soaked and muddy. Especially domed games. Everyone would be so confused.

Steelers 3, Dolphins 0 [The Phins Blog]