We don't blame Jerry Jones — seen here hugging Brett Favre after a Packers-Cowboys game from years past; you can tell it was a while ago, because you can't see Jones' skull — for not understanding that not every football fan can just switch from Time Warner (which doesn't carry the NFL Network and therefore won't be showing tonight's game in the Dallas area). If owners understood what life was like for the average fan, well, they wouldn't be owners.

Anyway, it's the biggest NFC game of the season tonight, and millions of people won't be able to watch it. And those who can will be muting Bryant Gumbel. It's the Ice Bowl all over again, except it's warmer in Dallas, everyone's wearing appropriate protective gear and the players will have money to live off when they retire. Packers-Cowboys: Should be fun, if you're into that whole "fun" thing.