There was a really cool fake punt in the Tulsa-UCF game, because Tulsa's quarterback was lined up at punter. Obvious fake, right? Well, he's actually averaging 40 yards a punt, which is better than their main punter. He also installed the goalposts before the game, and sometimes mans the down markers. There's also been more audio difficulties in the MAC game, and unlike Pam Ward, Awful Announcing's right on cue.

Sound or no sound, Central Michigan's pulling away 28-10. UCF and Tulsa have themselves an exciting little shootout in Orlando, with UCF up 31-23 at halftime. Boston College has an early 7-0 lead over the Hokies, App State is up 21-7 over Eastern Washington, And The Nedyssey Continues...


The front page for right now is showing "Source: Miles to announce he's staying at LSU" in one column, and "Report: Les Miles Headed To Michigan" right next to it in another column. — hvconstat9

I got this tip more than twice ... as soon as I go to look at in the name of screengrabbery, of course they took the video down and kept just the one about him staying at LSU.

i am so disappointed about the Miles to Michigan thing. how would a bowl game between the two teams have played out? does he coach LSU? Michigan? both? neither? does he sit in the stands like Brady Quinn's sister and wear a half-and-half jersey? I NEEDED THIS — usckb


Maybe Les should just register — ditkaby7

Okay, I shivered at that one. Yet I shared it. Hugh II's just masochistic like that. Onto non-Les Miles insight:

Some games get Erin Andrews and other games get Paul McGuire sitting with the camera man wearing eye black — Len Bias Cocaine Surplus


After Navy's TD, my father suggested the only way for Army to get good football players again would be to bring back the draft. I don't even have a joke here. Because if Army loses a 6th consecutive game, they might agree. — mlmintampa

Why do they always have to air paul mcguire out on the camera stand? I bet he smells like bengay and trenchfoot — phatmore93

Pam Ward just described Central Michigan's quarterback Dan Lefevour as a "nifty" runner. Any moment now I expect her to call Onterrio Sneed "the bee's knees". —The Bad One


I was rather hoping Steve Canyon and Brenda Starr would introduce the players for Army-Navy football, seeing as they all stopped being relevant around the same time. — Tuffy

True or False: Motivational Speaker Holtz would coach a better game today than Wannstache? — Jerkwheat

Ian Eagle says Army beat out 115 schools for two standing room only, private Dave Matthews Band performances. I question whether that was really any sort of victory. — Signal to Noise


Report: You all rule. IM NCAA Deadspin to continue ruling.