Tiny tidbits and info smidgens from Week 13 of the NFL ...

• We know, the Buzzsaw are now 6-6 and holding on to the final wild-card spot in the NFC, but seriously now: That was a catch by Kellen Winslow at the end of the game, and the Browns should have won. We have never understood the notion that any play in football isn't "reviewable" by instant replay. Sure it's reviewable; we just watched it, and totally reviewed it. Kellen Winslow was pushed out of bounds; if there had been no one there, he would have landed in bounds. The replay clearly shows that. So why can't we rely on the replay again? (Still: We are not complaining. Tied for the wild-card in Week 13? Woo!)


• Do Buffalo fans feel bad that their team ruined the all-set-up Redskins overcoming adversity with victory story? We doubt it; they've had enough heartache themselves. We're not sure why the Redskins are honoring Sean Taylor's memory any less by losing, really.

• The Dolphins definitively have the look of a team that will go winless. It's kind of exciting to watch; we wonder if John Beck will be the NFL's equivalent of Jeremy Bonderman, a guy who has a historically bad rookie season and matures into a decent player.

• Drew put it exactly right last week, concerning, "Philly crowd's affinity for inconsistent white quarterbacking over inconsistent black quarterbacking." We can get over the A.J. Feeley thing now, right? Meanwhile, the Seahawks are setting themself up for a No. 3 seed in the NFC, which also tells you all you need to know about the NFC.


• Eli Manning is keeping the Giants just afloat enough to make the ultimate collapse that much more entertaining and devastating.

• Actually, all you need to know about the NFC is this: If they Vikings make the playoffs, they might be Dallas' most dangerous competition.