If you weren't able to stay up and make the whole "Monday Night Football" game last night, we're sorry for you: That was as terrific an NFL game we've seen all season. You can tell from the comments on our late-night post: As Larry King might say, "if that game didn't excite you, check your pulse, because you're dead." Or something like that.

We loved how, postgame, Tom Brady claimed that he heard the whistle before his fourth-and-1 call, and that's why he didn't get the first down. Right. It's impressive that the Patriots' search for dominance is so complete that they can't even admit that things went wrong when they didn't officially happen. They're not just undefeated; they're ministers of information.


And say what you will about ESPN, but their telecast matched the spectacle last night. They will never, ever have a more timely guest in the booth than Don Shula, watching the Pats threaten his most enduring legacy in the city where he became famous. When the Ravens scored in the third fourth quarter to take a touchdown lead, Tony Kornheiser pointed out that Shula had grabbed his back in excitement. Shula pretended like he wasn't rooting against anybody ... but we knew. It was an exhilarating game, and it's exactly why, ultimately, the Patriots are great for the NFL this year. Everything they do is now draped in history and drama, and they're going to be unmissable, pretty much for the next two months. We can't wait.