Andruw Jones signed with the Dodgers yesterday — the money seems a bit high, but the two-year commitment wouldn't seem crippling to us — and Dontrelle and Tubby McTubberson headed to Detroit, and that's pretty much all that came out of baseball's winter meetings, which end today. So, perhaps Johan Santana can move on with his life now.

For all the talk that blogs and talk radio spread unsubstantiated rumors and hearsay, just about every team has been associated with a Johan Santana trade, when, in fact, nobody knows anything. The Yankees, with Hank Steinbrenner doing his undignified gallop to catch up with this father's ghost, have dropped out (until they haven't), the Red Sox are waiting around and now the dipping their toes in. Strangely, they're resistant to add Jose Reyes to a trade; we can't imagine why. There isn't a single story about baseball in the last month that hasn't included Johan Santana's name, and not a single thing has happened. Nobody knows anything.

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