Say what you will about former Buzzsaw "coach" Dennis Green, but you can't say he's not entrepreneurial. He has moved to copyright the phrase "They Are Who We Thought They Were."

No, seriously: Here's the official trademark request. The request, made in Green's name by his lawyer, seeks to put the phrase on "Hats, caps, baseball caps, knitted caps, golf caps, sports jerseys, t-shirts, polo shirts, sport shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, sweat bands, sweat pants, jogging pants." All told, that's a lot of words to fit on a sweatband, but hey, what do we know?


We're glad Denny's probably gonna be able to score some cash out of his most embarrassing moment; if only Jim Mora had thought to trademark "PLAYOFFS?"

Trademark Request: "They Are Who We Thought They Were" [United States Trademark And Patent Office]