You might remember, toward the end of last year, when we reviewed each month of the past year leading up to New Years Day. We called it, imaginatively, "Year In Review." We continue today with May. We're digging through our archives pretty well, but if you think we should definitely feature something for the last year that we might overlook, email us at with suggestions. And enjoy the trip down the lane of diminishing memory!


May 3: We learned why Brady Quinn fell so far in the draft.

May 6: Roger Clemens announced he was returning to the Yankees. And that worked out well for everyone.

May 8: The Milwaukee Brewers ask their fans to turn their head and cough.

May 10: Michael Vick makes it clear that he knew nothing about dogfighting.

May 16: Brady Quinn again, cutting a rug.

May 18: Floyd Landis revealed himself as quite the class act.

May 22: The Celtics didn't get one of the top picks in the Draft Lottery, therefore ruining their season.

May 23: You dead, dawg.

May 30: We learned that Alex Rodriguez has sexual urges. Who knew?