So, the whole Roger Clemens "60 Minutes" interview has run now and, as you'd pretty much expect, it settled nothing. (Honestly, what happened to Mike Wallace? He used to be tough, right?) Clemens is denying, now he's suing Brian McNamee and everyone's all, "Christ, we're still talking about this?"

The most enlightening aspect of the whole "case" we've read in recent days is Pat Jordan's remembrance of McNamee and Clemens in a story he wrote for The New York Times Magazine a few years ago.

But the point of my profile of Mr. Clemens was less about his parsimoniousness than it was his strange relationship with Mr. McNamee. During the dinner at the steakhouse Mr. Clemens asked Mr. McNamee for his permission to have a steak (McNamee nodded) and a baked potato (McNamee nodded again, but added a caveat, "Only dry."). The same scenario played itself out at the Mexican Restaurant. Clemens pointed to an item on the menu and Mr. McNamee either nodded, or shook his head, no.

During the three days I followed Mr. Clemens around Houston, he seemed like a child beholden to the whims of the sour, suspicious, and taciturn McNamee. It seemed as if Mr. Clemens would not do anything to his body, or ingest anything into it that Mr. McNamee hadn't approved.

We love the idea of Roger Clemens pointing at food, having his whims rejected, and then stomping his feet and pouting. That would make us sue a guy too.

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